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Edge of Dystopia: Maelstrom (Edge of Dystopia Trilogy, Book One) (The Confined Unseen Series)


Darlene Coopersmith, a twenty-one-year-old allergic to restraint, stupidity, and Cyndi Lauper, has had a horrible week, and it's only three days in. Good sense tells her the universe isn’t through with her, and right she is. At first, she thinks the horrendous itching, lapses in memory, and overall body’s-been-put-through-a-meat-grinder feeling is due to an illness, but her assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

No, according to Darlene’s sister and best friend, the reason for Darlene’s discomfort is the Change: a process Wers go through to shift between their two forms. The news floors her. She isn’t human, and the two closest people to her have known for years. Her trust shaken, Darlene can’t help but wonder what other secrets they’ve kept from her.

And the secrets they have, especially Darlene’s sister, Mariah. When Mariah’s biggest secret rears its ugly head, everyone Darlene loves faces death. Like always, Darlene hurls herself into the danger, fists ready and thirsting for blood.

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Edge of Dystopia: Torrent (Edge of Dystopia Triology, Book Two) (The Confined Unseen Series)

ISBN-13: 978-1980988410

For Darlene Coopersmith, life with Uprising hasn’t been the easiest. The food leaves much to be desired, the rules make her feel like an accident-prone toddler, and the lack of available pirate biographies saddens her every time she enters the library. Worst of all, she despises Lisa Bani, Uprising’s leader and one of the main reasons Darlene’s family is dead. Darlene would do anything to make Lisa pay for the blood she’s shed.


For months, Darlene has fought and faked her way into Lisa’s inner circle. After a daring mission in Maine, Darlene cements her place amongst Uprising’s privileged. Then the hard work begins: she’s got to uncover information damning enough to topple Lisa.


Luckily, Darlene doesn’t have to wait long. Armed with a horrifying secret, and with the help from an unsuspecting ally, Darlene sets out to destroy Lisa and everything she stands for.


Edge of Dystopia: Wroth (Edge of Dystopia Triology, Book Three) (The Confined Unseen Series)

ISBN-13: 979-8681488262

Darlene Coopersmith’s world is falling apart. What makes it worse, is that she’s to blame. Because of an ill-conceived plan she set in motion that has torn Uprising apart, she might lose Alicia, the only person that’s mattered to her since her family's deaths.

With Alicia’s life hanging by a thread, Darlene’s mind is spiraling. If the kid dies, there’s no saying what Darlene would do in her grief. A monster lurks under her skin, and the barest hint of self-control is keeping it a bay.

Just when all is surely lost, it’s discovered that there might be a way to save Alicia. The journey will likely be wrought with danger and one of her companions despises her as much as she does him, but there are no lengths Darlene won’t go to, to save Alicia. The whole world could, and might, burn if it means the kid lives.

The Folk

ASIN: B07586BKV8

For a year, Irvette has survived Faery. She’s suffered many atrocities and bears many scars, both mental and physical. Now only one quest stands between Irvette and her goal of rescuing her niece: retrieving the head of the Unseelie Court’s Queen.

But Irvette can’t accomplish this last task alone. She seeks out Bartley, a young man whose life has recently been ruined by faeries. Together, they embark on a dark journey that will push their humanity to its limit. 

Seeking Atonement


At fourteen, Ian Welshbech made a stupid, reckless decision that got his sister killed. It doesn't matter that the world was falling to pieces or that the demons might have succeeded in slaughtering Jane even if he'd been extremely cautious. No one holds Ian responsible for what happened to his sister except himself, and he has no clue if he'll ever be able to forgive himself.


Then, on a routine outing to gather food, Ian stumbles across his redemption. All he has to do is escort a newly-orphaned young girl to her nearby destination. But this young girl isn't what she appears, and their short journey is anything but easy. Can Ian get her to safety and embrace his atonement?