The Forbidden Champion

“I’ve loved her since before I understood what love was, and I know she feels the same way. This is my only chance to be with her.”

            For years, Zard has lived a cautious life. He plays by all the rules; is the perfect example of disciplined youth. In Ferdon, the town Zard has come to call home, any man would be proud to call Zard his own.

            But Zard has a devastating secret. He isn’t a seventeen-year-old about to enter manhood and all the riches and joys that entails. No, he’s really Zardina, a seventeen-year-old banished noblewoman who’s been living as a boy since she was ten and her adopted father mistook her appearance. Though she’s mastered her masquerade, Zardina constantly fears her secret won’t stay hidden; thus risking her safety and the safety of those she cares for most.

            Yet the Tournament of Opportunity approaches. Once every three generations, those of lesser blood compete to rule beside the Crown’s heir. The heir this time is Princess Pepline, Zardina’s childhood friend and the holder of Zardina’s heart.

            Against better judgement, Zardina enters the tournament. If she loses without her secret being revealed, she’ll face a life of ridicule. If Zardina’s true identity is discovered, she’ll experience a horrible death. But the chance to live her fantasy, married to her only love, is worth the danger.