Interview with Marisa Noelle!

So, guys, guys, guys. This is my first ever author interview, and it was so much fun. I hope ya'll enjoy learning a bit more about Marisa Noelle (the author of the upcoming The Shadow Keepers) as much as I did.

1. Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

I would want to be a brave hunter, but in reality, I’d be a gatherer. I have a lot of skeletal injuries so wouldn’t be able to run after an animal! Or run away! I’ll just sit in the strawberry patch and try not to eat them all.

2. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Deep space blue – I love looking at the sky when there are no clouds and I can almost feel the dark depths of space hovering behind all that blue. It makes me think of the possibilities out there, how big the universe is, and captures my imagination with big questions. It makes me feel small and big at the same time and inspires me to be more.

3. What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

I’m either singing along to my favorite songs, plotting a scene in a novel, or thinking about my kids!

4. What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

In the 90s I was a big Guns n Roses fan, Madonna, Michael Jackson and then individual hits like Funky Cold Medina. I was a NKOTB fan (Jordon & Joe). Green Day, Oasis, No Doubt, Extreme, Boyz II Men– I have a rather mixed taste and mainly stay near the charts.

5. If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

A dolphin. They’re my favorite. I love how intelligent they are and how friendly. They save people from shark attacks and look so cute. I love the water and swim for exercise so I’d love to be able to swim with them and explore the ocean.

6. What was the last gift you gave someone?

My Mom’s birthday. I got her The Forgetting Flower by Karen Hugg and a bottle of Doterra Deep Blue pills for arthritis.

7. What were you like in high school?

I was a bit of a geek. I wasn’t particularly sporty and really enjoyed learning. Then I went to boarding school and discovered boys and cigarettes. Oops. I tended to have friends from different groups rather than be part of one big group and could get along with everyone. Although I am definitely in old soul so sometimes felt a bit apart.

8. What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

I totally binged Stranger things 3 b/c I love those damn kids and I love anything horror/supernatural. Now I’m working my way through Somewhere Between on Netflix. I’ve always been fascinated with the mind of serial killers and it has a sci-fi element too, so ticks a lot of my boxes.

9. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Hmmm, not sure! The funniest thing I recently witnessed was during our house redevelopment. The builders told us not to use the downstairs toilet as they were reconnecting the pipes outside. Needless to say, my 10 year old son forgot, had a pee and flushed the toilet. The poor builder was standing in the hole and subject to all the toilet’s contents!

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was little I went through a lot of phases; actress, ballerina, judge, pilot, marine biologist, archeologist and psychologist. Now, I love being an author as it’s my passion. But if I had to pick an alternative or something whimsical I’d be a fairy god mother or a dolphin trainer.

11. Which two organizations outside your own do you know the most people at and why?

My kids’ schools! I have 3 kids so standing at the school gates in the morning and afternoons helps you meet a lot of people. Um and probably the kids’ soccer clubs.

12. What inspires you?

Selfless acts, like when a man runs into a flaming forest to save a rabbit. Or a stranger risks his own life to save another. Music. Especially the soundtrack to The Last of the Mohicans. I wrote a whole 5 part novel series based on one song by the band Train. I also love to be near the ocean. The waves and all it’s power always stir something in me.

13. What are you known for?

I’m really good at keeping a secret and I’m a great cheerleader/agony aunt/mentor. I can also be a kick-ass, feisty, take-no-prisoners woman!

14. What do you work toward in your free time?

I’d love to get more of a natural balance between writing and family, but it’s tough when I’m not making much money from the writing yet. I’d also love to explore natural remedies for things, eat better/more organic etc, but haven’t had the time to research yet!

15. How would you rate your memory?

Not as good as it used to be. I used to remember every name and face even if only a brief encounter. Not anymore! #gettingold

16. If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them, how would you choose which ones to answer?

I’d sort by anything flagged important and then sort by sender to see who would be most important to me to answer.

17. Estimate how many windows are in New York.

Ha! No idea! A billion? And of course I couldn’t resist looking it up and see I’m way out. 42.6million.

18. How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the U.S. each year?

Ok, so I’m going to try and work this out. If everyone had 1 square foot every 2 weeks, we’d get 327 million people x 26 weeks, which would = 8,502,000,000 square feet of pizza eaten in a year. Who knows!?

19. Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind.

It is the colour of hope and peace. The feel of the morning sun on the nape of your neck. The feel of honey as you lick it from a finger. The wound of a lullaby or an angel singing. It is resilience and serenity.

20. If you were to get rid of one state in the U.S., which would it be and why?

Goodness – that’s hard! I’d want to opt for Kansas, where my dad is from, because it’s flat and boring, but there are so many things that have come from there I don’t think I could (The Wizard of Oz, the first Pizza Hut, Boeing, and it has the largest ball of twine.) Maybe Missouri? But I don’t really know much about Missouri so I don’t know! Ah!

21. You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Start a circus. That’s obvious, right?

22. Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?

Spiderman has always been my favorite superhero, so him, absolutely. #PeterParker #TobyMaguire

23. How would you convince someone to do something they didn’t want to do?

I’d appeal to the inner conscious. There willingness to do good or the right thing. I’d show them how much it would make them grow as a person and how important fears are to conquer. I’d offer to be their rock.

24. A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

“The icecaps are melting and I need a new home. Got a spare room? I’ve brought Tequila.”

Marisa Noelle is the writer of middle grade & young adult novels in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy & mental health. The Shadow Keepers is her first novel. The Unadjusteds is due out in November 2019 & The Mermaid Chronicles – Secrets of the Deep at the end of 2019. When she’s not writing or reading or watching movies, she enjoys swimming. In the pool she likes to imagine she could be a mermaid and become part of some of her make-believe words. Despite being an avid bookworm from the time she could hold a book, being an author came as a bit of a surprise to her as she was a bit of a science geek at school. She lives in Woking, UK with her husband and three children.

Marisa Noelle's The Shadow Keepers is due to come out July 30th of this year. I'll posting my review of the novel on July the 26th, so come back and be sure to check out what I thought of it.

To contact Marisa Noelle and keep up-to-date with her works:

Website: &

Twitter & Instagram: @MarisaNoelle77


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