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I’ve been sitting on two ideas for the past year, and I’ve finally decided to put them into action. Hopefully, this goes as well as I envision. It’s a lot, on top of the books I want to write. But I’m nothing if not ambitious.


First, starting from November 1st, 2019 and ending October 31st, 2020, if you are an indie author (self-published or with a small publisher) and you’d like to have your book, short story, or novella read and reviewed for free, send your book my way (I prefer PDF). I’ll read any genre if it’s fiction (sorry, non-fiction. Just not my cup of tea). I’m honest but constructive. If you’d like to see my review before I post it on Goodreads, Amazon, etc. to decide whether you’d like it published, I’m willing to do that. But I will not write a positive review just because you want one. Don’t come to me to coddle you.

With that, if your book is of the occult nature but either has no romance or the romance is the z plot, I’ll post my review of your book on my website. I feel this type of story is rare in the occult genre, and I want to bring more light to it.

My second idea is this: I want to recognize the hard work of indie authors, so in December of 2020, I’m going to give out awards to the best books from whatever genres I receive. You won’t get a prize (I do want to give out banners or stickers or something in that vein. I need to think more about that), and I’m a nobody self-published author struggling along with the rest of you, so my opinion matters naught. But I’ve read so many good indie books over the years and I know there’s more out there, and they deserve to stand in the spotlight for a while, even if I’m the one shining it.

So, if this interests you at all, contact me through my Gmail kitieramorey@gmail.com. I’m eager to read your stories.

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