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For anyone curious, yes, I am still working on The Forbidden Champion. Despite the crazy year last year, I was able to write five chapters of the manuscript, and I do have the whole novel planned out. In the coming months, I do intend to finish the novel. I can't say if it'll be published this year, but it will be completed.

There are a few short story ideas that take place in the Edge of Dystopia universe knocking around in my head. I'd love to at least get them planned out this year, but I'm not going to promise myself anything. Between raising my baby, helping my fiancé through his recovery, and writing The Forbidden Champion, I don't know if I'll be able to find the time. I'm going to try, though.

Another project I will be taking on and completing is creating a box-set for the Edge of Dystopia trilogy. It'll be available on Google Play and Smashwords for sure, but I don't know if I'll put it on Amazon. So far, I've had minuscule traction on that site.

I don't know if I'll try to tackle anything else this year. I'd be crazy to, but I have a habit of having many projects going on at once despite what's going on in my life. I don't see why that would change now.

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